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Welcome to Barbara Brendemuehl’s massage therapy and bowen therapy practice for your health and wellness. Barbara has been in practice for the management of pain and stress for over 25 years. She has been a Registered Massage Therapist since 1985 and a Professional Bowen Practitioner since 2005. Over  her many years of practice in helping people manage pain, she has  developed an interest in the treatment of chronic or persistent pain. Her clientele ranges from treating children with migraines to the elderly with persistent arthritis. Periodic  problems such as stiff neck, shoulder discomfort, lower back pain,  common headaches and lifestyle stress are also a daily part of Barbara’s  practice.  

Clients in Barbara’s practice learn about their problem and how to help themselves. Client self help is an important aspect of Barbara’s treatments. Many chronic pain problems have several avenues of pain that feed into a common pain experience. Some  chronic pain problems are healed through Barbara’s treatments, while  others are improved by managing the muscular related aspects of the pain  experience. 

Whether  your problems are due to minor aches and pain that are present on a  periodic basis or more challenging problem of persistent pain, you will  find Barbara’s therapeutic assistance a valuable and beneficial tool in  your pain management strategy.

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