Massage Therapy

 Whether  you are seeking massage therapy for a soft tissue problem or stress  management, you will find Barbara's treatment a unique blend of  therapeutic and calming elements.  Using swedish massage as a base for  the treatment, Barbara combines the energy healing effects of Reiki and  traditional massage techniques such as trigger point release into each  treatment. 

As a licensed health professional, Barbara is trained to discuss your  health issues and treatment needs.  Tissue pressure, depth of treatment and touch are all  adjusted to meet the needs of each client and each treatment.   Good communication during the treatment  is maintained to ensure client safety and comfort.  

Over 30  years of practice has given  Barbara a wide range of experience with all age groups of people.  Her education is up to date with the latest scientific information on the human body.  As Barbara's massage therapy client you will receive the benefits of her  expertise of over 20,000 massage therapy treatments.  Not only will you  experience her massage therapy treatment but you will also learn  valuable information on how you can help yourself.