Bowen Therapy

Bowen Therapy, named after the late Tom Bowen, of Australia, has been taught around the world since 1986.    

The Bowen treatment consists of a series of light touch manipulations on the skin and superficial connective tissues.   Careful attention is paid to alternating pauses during the treatment when the brain is actively communicating with the body.  

Clients usually remain clothed for the treatments and find themselves in a deeply relaxed or restful state during the session.  A five day period after the treatment is observed during which many changes occur in the body. 

Post treatment recommendations include rest, water consumption, and short walks.  Treatment intervals are usually 7 - 10 days apart.  A set of three treatment within the first month is typically recommended to allow the body a platform for change to occur.  If further treatment are required, the time between treatments may be increased.  

Bowen treatments are completely safe for anyone from new born babies to the elderly.  Any problem in the body may be addressed.   Typical treatments include headaches, back aches, infant colic, digestive problems, chronic soft tissue pain, frozen shoulder, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, and even such complex problems such as herniated disc,  and glaucoma.  A properly functioning nervous system and potential for physical healing are required for bowen therapy success.  Clients are advised that treatments are hampered by the use of  narcotic pain medication.     



Contact Barbara for a complimentary Bowen  consultation to discuss a Bowen treatment program for your needs. .